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Chef Chris Paul Does it All

Private Chef – Chef Chris Paul will come to your home and prepare meals for you and your family while considering any special dietary needs.  He is available for short term or long term.

Events – Chef would love to help you plan your menu, shop and prepare the menu for your special event.  No event is too small or large (he has cooked for mayor’s balls with 600 attendees) nor too small (an intimate dinner for two).

We also work in partnership with a professional Event Planner who can take care of all aspects of your Event. Please check out Orange Butterfly Productions by Nicolle Nie to explore all of her services.

BBQ’s – Just give Chef Chris a grill and he’s ready to go – his specialty is his Jack Daniels ribs but he loves to cook all kinds of BBQ. He has developed his own BBQ sauce for the rest of your meal or he will use your own.

Pop ups – If you are an owner and need a boost, Chef Chris Paul will come to your restaurant and will feed & entertain your guests.  Holding an event with a celebrity chef can help.

Cooking Lessons – Chef loves to pass on his passion for cooking to both the young and the adult.  He has even had one of his pupils appear on “Chopped Junior”.

Sponsorships and Endorsements – Chef has represented high end and brand new appliances in Las Vegas and is available to demonstrate and endorse.

Training – Chef is available for mentoring any budding chef and has taught many over the years who now own their own restaurants.

Consultation Services - Chef has a team of experienced restaurant professionals that have embraced the restaurant business for over 40 years.  His experience encompasses both front of the house and back of the house and his emphasis is on quality of food, memorable customer service and highly efficient practices that make for a profitable thriving business.  "We put our love for this business and our drive to help others pursue excellence as the motivation to help you create your restaurant into an extension of yourself." Chef Chris Paul

We have several levels of service available to fit your needs and your finances.  Give us a call!  561-252-8633




The presentation was amazing and every bite was an explosion of tastes in our mouths. This was an amazing and unique experience. I highly recommend!”  Linda Stotsky

Exhausted Yet? Cause We are Just Getting Started!

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