Master Chef Chris Paul, above being one of South Florida's top chefs, is one of only seven Master Fusion Chefs in the world and is widely recognized for his exquisite and inventive cuisine.

His innovative dishes delight both the eye and the palate, marrying his imagination with his many years of experience, using only the freshest ingredients and preparing all recipe essentials from scratch.  Certified in all world cuisines, he works with his clients to design menus that can be as expansive or restrained as individual tastes and dietary restrictions allow.

Master Chef Chris Paul will take you on a culinary, interactive journey without having to leave the comfort of your own home as you learn about the geography and history behind each dish.  Whether you want to enjoy an intimate dinner for two or a dining experience shared with friends and family, he will personally cook and oversee every aspect to make the meal memorable - from the table setting to preparation, service and clean-up.

Master Fusion Chef Chris Paul

From Farm to Fusion

Every recipe ingredient is made from scratch, never compromising on the quality of our dishes.

Nature provides the mix of colors, textures, and flavors to delight our senses. That array of palettes at our disposal allows us to create innovative dishes. 


As one of only seven Master Fusion Chefs in the world, Chef Chris Paul finds that exciting. 

Creating a memory with my art on a plate just for you.


"My job as a Master Fusion Chef is to sharpen the senses of taste, smell and sight by creating a new type of cuisine and creating a memory for you in every mouthful." 


• Johnson & Wales University
• Florida Culinary Institute
• New England Technical Institute


• Restaurant Owner
• Dir. of Culinary Svs, Precise Hospitality
• The Balancing Act on Lifetime Cable
• Network Guest Chef
• Well traveled Master Chef -  Mexico, Australia, Malawi, London, New Zealand, Las Vegas, Israel, Brazil and Hawaii.


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